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*clap, clap, clap*

well shezzy ... I knew you could write some deep stuff but you've gone and outdone yourself...

*crack* ok critique time -and constant with my own personal ritualistic ways I shall write my interpretation-

to begin with I really liked how the refrain in the end matched the starting paragraph and I agree that it really ties it together in a way only to make it more powerful. The scene descriptions are ofcourse not as graphic as I would have made them -you've read mine- but excellent in the extent that you give the reader a fair idea of what's happening...

The purity and rawness of the emotion of it is truly what sets it apart...

as for what meaning I get from it is a true lover, in mournful yearn for his dying object of affection, decided to take that voyage with her ... finally joining her in the end.

truly this one is deservant of any and all praise it has or will receive.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
6 out of 6 deviants thought this was fair.


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